25 Feb

Tiger Crew – BOOM (New Video)

BOOM!! Another BANGER by the infamous Tiger Crew!! This song is banging so hard it leaves the whole place WRECKED, so watch out when listening (not recommended to listen to via headphones)!!

Head to genius to read the lyrics.

08 Oct

Tiger Crew – BNGR (New Video)

You do not know yet what a BANGER is? Watch the VIDEO, listen to the SONG and FEEL the overwhelming energy of a true TC BANGER!!

Rough, rugged and raw, the pure power of the most dangerous animal on the planet, the TIGER and the recklessness you only get to have as a member of a real crew, the TIGER CREW. This BANGER is the creative explosion of a crew with the ambition to convey their spirit into an audiovisual experience. Get ready for BNGR, the latest BANGER by Tiger Crew!!

During the last few months we shared our WISDOM with you through fancy visual images. Head for the Visuals to see all TC Wisdom images so far!!

22 Feb

TC Shirt #1 – Win the shirt in this contest!

TC now means TIGER COUTURE, the Tiger Crew has entered the FASHION scene!! The TC created this TIMELESS piece of BEAUTY.

TC Shirt #1

The TC Shirt #1 is the UNIVERSAL fashion statment and you can win one!! You can take part via Facebook or YouTube (NEW):

Our latest song “Rumble” is about different TC situations that typically lead to a RUMBLE ON THE ASPHALT!! We want to know what further situations you can think of that lead to a RUMBLE ON THE ASPHALT for the TIGER CREW!! It doesn’t have to rhyme or fit in the song, it can also be a longer story…

eg: Michael wakes up and looks for Jason for their first beer of the day together. Suddenly he realizes Jason died last year.

1. Post your situation as a comment to this Facebook post (German or English)

2. Share the post


1. Post your situation as a comment to the video on YouTube:

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Contest ends on Saturday, February 25th.