22 Feb

TC Shirt #1 – Win the shirt in this contest!

TC now means TIGER COUTURE, the Tiger Crew has entered the FASHION scene!! The TC created this TIMELESS piece of BEAUTY.

TC Shirt #1

The TC Shirt #1 is the UNIVERSAL fashion statment and you can win one!! You can take part via Facebook or YouTube (NEW):

Our latest song “Rumble” is about different TC situations that typically lead to a RUMBLE ON THE ASPHALT!! We want to know what further situations you can think of that lead to a RUMBLE ON THE ASPHALT for the TIGER CREW!! It doesn’t have to rhyme or fit in the song, it can also be a longer story…

eg: Michael wakes up and looks for Jason for their first beer of the day together. Suddenly he realizes Jason died last year.

1. Post your situation as a comment to this Facebook post (German or English)

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1. Post your situation as a comment to the video on YouTube:

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Contest ends on Saturday, February 25th.