18 Feb


You want to wear DANGER?? You want to cause TROUBLE wherever you go just with your appearance?? Many of you requested it…
TC Shirt #1!!

TC Shirt #1

High Quality, 100 % cotton, Fair Wear, Sizes M & L

You now have the chance to wear the frightening TC TIGER on your chest and cause FEAR, IRRITATION and ENVY!!
The shirts are high quality Stanley Leads Shirts by Stanley Stella. 100 % cotton, 155gsm, round neck. The TIGER CREW watches out for the ENVIRONMENT, all shirts are 100 % ORGANIC and FAIR WEAR certified!! Comes in size M and L (cuts tend to be smaller).
WATCH OUT!! The quantity is EXTREMELY LIMITED!! Order your TC-Shirt here: http://tiger-crew.com/shop/. WORLDWIDE shipping!!
ADDITIONALLY: TOMORROW you will have the chance to WIN a TC Shirt for FREE!!
11 Jan

Character introduction video of Michael – TCTUESDAY

It is the second day of the week, the day a.k.a TCTUESDAY. You all missed it, but mourn no more it is BACK (for now)!! We left a hole in your life and this hole is filled now by BEAUTIFUL Michael!! Michael is the looks of TC he is the most HANDSOME man we know!! He is our secret weapon when it comes to visual dominance, he is the manifestation of the ELEGANCE in DANGER! Meet the TC poster boy MICHAEL!!

08 Jan

Rumble (on the Asphalt) – Making of

"Rumble" Cover
The release of our latest BANGER Rumble (on the Asphalt) received a lot of positive feedback and we are glad that more and more people UNDERSTAND and follow the TC!! We created a SPECTACULAR video for the song which has an unique look. We created a stop motion inspired technique that resulted in a 3d look. To give you an impression on the work we created a short making of which you can see here:

 Not enough people have seen the video, so if you like it we ENCOURAGE you to share it!! The song will also be available in best quality on the popular streaming platforms like Spotify soon!! Here is the video:

 We have a few surprises planned for the next months so be sure to WATCH OUT!!